Instructions for using the best refrigerator preservation

Refrigerator is an indispensable item of every family, almost every house is used. Using the fridge properly not only helps you protect the life of the appliance but also saves considerable electricity. Below, Refrigeration Maintenance specializes in repairing refrigerators at home will guide customers how to use and maintain the refrigerator in the most effective and simple way.

It is important to adjust the refrigerator temperature

Based on the instructions written on the outside of the refrigerator we should put the food in its proper position, leaving the food at the necessary temperature.

Wash foods and drinks before putting them in the cupboard

Cooked meats and cooked foods that need long-term storage should be stored in the freezer compartment (frozen) where temperatures are lower (-60C, 120C-180C).

Most of tomatoes… potatoes, potatoes, bananas… need to be preserved under 6-100C. Must be stored in plastic bags against surface evaporation, withering, reduce its taste and quality.

The lower compartment of a refrigerator is often used to store both fruits and vegetables and cooked food for a shorter time. The temperature in these compartments only allows for 1-2 days of storage of food, especially fish meat and food made from fish meat. Because at temperatures> 00C the food is easily decomposed or fermented.

Foods with a characteristic odor like cheese… butter… milk… meat, fish… need to be used in plastic bags or boxes with tight lids before putting them in the cupboard.

Salty foods, soups, braised meat need to be used in boxes with tight lids to put in the refrigerator. Because with these foods without a lid, when the power is cut, the snow in the refrigerator will fall in and the temperature will increase gradually to the food will spoil. With salty food, slightly salty food will fly up causing corrosion erosion refrigerator.

Preservation and maintenance of refrigerators

After two weeks, you need to give the refrigerator a little rest by turning the thermostat switch to (ON) or (OFF) the break time may be 15-30 minutes… then close the circuit for the refrigerator to run. normal. After each week of continuous running, you should clean the refrigerator in sequence: Turn the Thermostar control knob from (ON) or (OFF) to disconnect the refrigerator or unplug the power. Remove food, trays and shelves from the refrigerator. Defrosting snow on the fridge for direct refrigeration (open the door to let the snow melt). Place next to the cabinet a warm warm water… clean towels, a sponge (sponge) to wet scrub, dry.

Use a soft, clean cloth to scrub the indoor unit of the refrigerator, the door panels and other plastic parts of the refrigerator. You can also use thin soap to scrub the dirt and then rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

When scrubbing, avoid standing water at the bottom of the refrigerator, the door cushions and covers of the refrigerator use clean towels soaked in warm water, then wipe dry (do not use basalt or any other substance… to scrub) . Wipe off the dust of the hot rig with a soft cloth, not a very damp cloth… causing water to flow into the box in the vortex causing electric shock. Clean undercarriage, feet (make sure to dry against rust and rodents). After cleaning inside and outside the refrigerator, dry in the groove and open the cabinet for 30-40 minutes for ventilation.

Reduce power consumption of the refrigerator: Do not open the refrigerator many times… and open the refrigerator time longer than necessary. Do not store hot food in the refrigerator. Does not contain too much food than prescribed. Do not cover food racks in the cupboard.

The secret to prolonging the life of the refrigerator: Your hands must be very clean (not greasy). Place the cabinet in a dry, dust-free and ventilated place to ensure rear ventilation. Place at least 10 cm from the wall to ensure that the storage does not cool the unit. Do not use tissue paper, covering the outdoor unit condenser. The liquids stored in boxes have tight lids to prevent evaporation, which increases the amount of snow melting on the fridge. Do not store in corrosive acid-base acids in the refrigerator (especially aluminum-explosive explosive substances that lead to gas loss). When opening the cabinet does not let the airflow fan directly into it will overload the cabinet, consuming electricity.

How to make ice in the fridge

The process of freezing will occur mainly by conducting cold through the bottom line, the tray then spreads to the surface around the tray and dragged into the mold in the middle of the tray water will freeze last.

Water height in ice tray <10cm. Use boiling water to cool. If the weather is hot, please cool the machine with a condenser (heater) with a fan. The bottom of the ice tray must be level and in good contact. The height of the ice cube tray should be approximately 7-8cm.

To avoid getting stuck, make a thin piece of plastic under the plastic layer (floor) – place the tray on it. When adding water, dry the bottom of the tray and floor dry

Dealing with common refrigerator damage

We often encounter cases of refrigerator failure. You can fix these minor problems yourself, without having to go to a repair shop or have a mechanic. The bottom of the cabinet has water: This is a phenomenon due to the fact that food produces a lot of water, the drain pipe is blocked with snow.

Refrigerator is not cold: This phenomenon is caused by too much food, the relay switch knob position is not appropriate. You can adjust the amount of food, so that the knob switches to a higher cold level.

The fan of the cabinet made by indirect method does not rotate: We can check if the fan is stuck, the fan motor winding is broken and check the fan switch.

Gear system of the defrost timer is broken, bad contact: We check again, if not, we should replace it.

The defrost relay contact is incorrect or incorrectly installed: We check that the aluminum side is against the indoor unit.

When starting or turning off the cabinet to hear the sound: This phenomenon is caused by 4 screws loose the indoor unit. You can make 4 rubber liners, cut off the power, remove the screws and then cushion the rubber pads, tighten them again.