Choosing to buy a living room TV shelf

TV shelves are a relatively important and indispensable piece of furniture in every living room of every house, because television is also one of the indispensable electronic items although there are now many means to replace it. like: computer, laptop. Do you know how to choose a cheap and beautiful living room TV shelf for your living room yet?

Do you want to own beautiful and luxurious living room interior space for your home? Everyone takes care of the guest space to confirm Guu’s aesthetic as well as the creativity of the owner in decorating his home. A beautiful living room interior space is the harmony between the furniture in style, in size as well as in design colors. Choose living room sofas, tea tables and carpets, but you also need to choose a suitable living room TV shelf.

Select the address to buy a living room TV shelf

Want to buy cheap furniture and quality assurance, still meet the criteria of aesthetic value you need to choose reputable addresses to purchase. Cheap living room TV shelves are not cheap items but do not know the quality as people think that you should go to many places to check quality and price at many other locations. to know where to sell products at the best price.

Should choose the address with a carpentry workshop and directly design and manufacture products, you can buy cheap living room TV shelves for your living room.

Choose the time to buy cheap living room TV shelves

Do not forget to look at the cheap stalls on the occasion of your promotion, because this is the occasion that the Sale business units pay tribute to customers as well as stimulate demand. Want to buy cheap furniture in general and cheap living room TV shelves in particular, do not forget to track the information about promotions and promotional times to purchase.

Especially, in the last month of this year, there are many big holidays for Sale companies and this is a good opportunity for you to own a comfortable living space with high-class furniture and save a lot of costs.

How to choose a TV suitable for living room space

Are you planning to buy your family a new TV? Wondering which television product to buy in your living room space? Some tips below will make it easier for you to choose the right TV for your family living room.

Distance from seat to TV location

Not that the bigger the TV size is, the better it will fit into your family living room. If your living room is spacious, a large TV will be a great choice, but in contrast to the small room space, the TV is too big and will affect your eyes.

Angle to sit and watch

The current standard viewing angle is when the TV is placed parallel to the viewer, the difference varies by not more than 15 degrees for low or high visibility and no more than 40 degrees for left or right vision. If users sit too wide angle compared to the product will easily see the phenomenon of ghosting, reducing image quality.

Suitable living room space

Another subjective factor that determines the size of TV you should buy is the area of ​​the living room. You should choose to buy a TV that suits your room space, try to imagine the living room with small space and you choose to buy a TV that is too big and it will surely lose the aesthetics of the design space.

If you are unsure, you can cut a cardboard model with a simulation size equal to the TV you are buying and try to see if it suits your living room space.

These are just some of the tips for choosing the right TV for each family living room, how you choose to buy the TV still belongs to your personal judgment.

Notes when choosing to buy an old television

Old TVs are still an option for consumers who aren’t ready to pay for a new device for their needs. Television technology is developing very strongly, which means that with just a little basic knowledge and understanding when choosing, consumers can choose to buy used products. . Here are a few notes when choosing to buy second-hand TVs.

1. Determine the demand for use

New TVs usually have a warranty period of 2 to 3 years depending on the manufacturer and the different types. It is best to look for TVs that are still under warranty. Consider before you buy an old TV the following:

– The price can pay is how much?

– Technology wants to experience?

– Where is the television set in the living space?

– How long will it last?

– Where do you buy it?

2. Identify the brand

Choosing reputable and famous brands will be very helpful in buying an old television. Reputable brands usually have higher quality warranties and support, and sometimes even with products that are out of warranty. In this case, customers will have to pay an additional fee to receive genuine service, which is also relatively worthy and assured. The determination of the trademark used also provides useful information about the device such as model, product model, applicable technologies, warranty period, and its policies.

3. Check on equipment appearance

Whether buying new or used products, consumers always need to carefully check the appearance of equipment. See if the old TV is distorted where the screen is, whether the screen has been scratched or broken, whether the stand parts, cases, and associated parts have any problems. Next is to check the screen surface is not scratched, yellowing. And if you’re technically proficient, see if there’s any electrical leakage. In addition, if the old TV shows signs of refreshing, it must be checked more closely because it has certainly been replaced with the original, non-original parts – resulting in the manufacturer’s refusal of warranty. when needed.

4. Check the picture light of the TV

With current types of TVs, broken screen lights are very common, one of the most common errors of LCD TVs. The cost of replacing a burned-out light bulb is very expensive, costing about 40-50% of the value of the television. This is the most important and valuable component of a television. Check the picture light by turning on the TV to see if it is up quickly. If turned on, the sound is already there and wait for about 5, 10 seconds for the new image to appear, sometimes slightly blurred, after a while, the definition will mean the tail of the TV is old, should not be bought. To try out the picture light, turn the TV on and off repeatedly. While the TV is active, put it in Mute mode and then put your ear to the TV casing to hear if there is an abnormal noise coming from behind the TV. If so, it is likely that the video light is broken.

5. Check the picture, sound and the ports connected

When checking the image quality of an old TV, pay attention to the following: the truthfulness of the color, brightness and viewing angle (which reflects the image quality of an LCD TV when changing the viewing angle from side to side view). According to the LCD manufacturing industry standard, it is still acceptable under 5 dead points. The color gradation of the television must be uniform.

Check the sound of the old TV with the test videos available in the machine, try to increase or decrease the volume of the TV suddenly to see if the sound is cracked or broken.

The connectors are usually located on the back or side of the screen. Depending on the type of TV, there will be different ports (HDMI, USB, antenna), even you should check the headphone jack, to avoid damage.

6. Check keys, remote control

These are the most basic control parts of a television and also need to be checked before making a purchase. Try pressing the keys found on the TV, usually the keys or touch keys. For remote controls, ask the old owner to install a new battery to check if the buttons and controls of the remote control are working properly.

Guide you to clean the kitchen properly

For every woman, the kitchen is a place that takes up a lot of your day. In particular, there are a lot of utensils so every time cleaning the kitchen makes you feel really tired. But not so that we neglect to clean it. The following article will guide the kitchen hygiene process in the most appropriate and simple way to help you distribute your work appropriately.

Clean the kitchen

1. Clean the kitchen surface

Use a sponge and soap, or you can invest in some specialized kitchen cleaning solutions to get rid of stains. When you use the kitchen, if grease is splashed on the surface of the kitchen table, you should clean it immediately because it is easy to stain if accumulated for a long time. If you don’t want to use chemical solutions to clean your kitchen, you can use natural cleaning products like vinegar or lemon. These materials are very close to us but the effect that it brings is also very good.

2. Remove the control knobs and wash them

Do not underestimate these controls, they contain a lot of bacteria. Wash them in the sink with warm water and soap. Note, you should avoid using soap with abrasives or ammonia in it. Because these components will wash out the symbols on the button.

3. Wipe the outside of the ventilation cover

Use a piece of soap to clean the ventilation cap. Rinse with a damp cloth, then wipe again with a dry cloth. Once a month, when you clean the kitchen, remove the ventilation filters and soak them in warm soapy water. Gently scrub to clean, then let them dry thoroughly before reinstalling.

If your product has stainless steel, it is recommended to use specialized cleaning solutions.

Clean the oven

If your family uses the oven regularly, cleaning is extremely necessary.

1. Clean the grill in the oven

Remove the nets from the oven, soak them in a sink with warm water and soap for a few hours. Anything covered with a mesh will be easier to clean. Use scouring tools to clean easily.

2. Make a habit of cleaning the oven when cleaning the kitchen

You should clean the oven every few months. An effective oven cleaning mixture is ¼ cup salt, ¾ cup baking soda, ¼ cup water. Cover any bare metal or paper holes so that they are not damaged by the mix. This mixture can also be used to clean anything when you clean the kitchen. Spread the mixture evenly in the oven and let it overnight. Then use a plastic spoon to remove the mixture. Wipe clean with a rag and install dry shelves.

Clean the fridge

1. Clean the freezer compartment

Step 1: First, unplug the refrigerator. Remove all food from your fridge.

Step 2: Mix the cleaning solution. Combine 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. Shaking helps dissolve the solution. If possible, you should put the solution in a spray bottle for easy cleaning.

Step 3: If you do not have a spray bottle, use a sponge or clean cloth to wipe the solution. Wipe all surfaces of the cabinet clean. Then dry again with a paper towel and plug in the power again. Each time you clean the kitchen, remember not to clean the freezer. No need to frequent but at least every 3 months

2. Clean the cool compartment

Step 1: Remove all food from the refrigerator. Sorted by each item. Throw away any food or articles that have expired or become damaged. If possible, do this before you go grocery shopping.

Step 2: Combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a liter of water. Dip a sponge into the solution, then wipe the entire side of the refrigerator. Make sure the stain is scrubbed clean. Wipe away all drawers and shelves.

Step 3: Wipe the solution with a damp cloth. Dip a clean rag in water and wash away any residue with baking soda solution. Use a clean towel to dry each surface dry.

Step 4: Leave a box of baking soda in the fridge. Opened baking soda box will absorb the smell to help your fridge smell better.

Clean kitchen cabinets

1. Arrange and clean kitchen cabinets

Whether they contain food or utensils, clean them every time you clean the kitchen. Throw away expired items and clean the cupboard with a wet cloth. If you don’t have stubborn stains, you don’t need to use soap to clean it.

2. Clean the front of your cabinet

Grease and oil may accumulate on the front of the cabinet. Wipe them with a wet cloth, then dry them to avoid discoloration. If you use wooden cabinets, consider a special cleaning solution.

3. Clean the kitchen table

You should do this every evening after you have finished cooking. Use sponge and soapy water to wipe. Wipe dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

You can also buy some cleaning solutions to clean antibacterial kitchen tables or disinfectant wipes.

If your counter is cleaned with granite, it’s easy to clean with water.

How to use and store induction hob properly

Induction hob is an indispensable device in the kitchen of modern families. Because of the neatness, aesthetics, cleanliness, safety and versatility, many housewives trust and choose to buy this unique product. The induction cooker is operated based on the principle of heating by induction of electromagnetic waves, so it does not spread the smell of smoke, is safe and prevents fire and explosion.

Although the operation is quite simple, but not all housewives have enough knowledge necessary to use the electromagnetic stove properly and lasting. Bosch kitchen would like to suggest the most economical and efficient ways to use electric cookers.

1. Power plug

– Suppliers always recommend that consumers use their own plugs and sockets, making sure to withstand the load of the electromagnetic stove capacity (most at 1800 – 2000W) with 0.75mm2 cross section.

– Make sure the plug has to withstand the capacity of the induction hob so it is really safe to use.

– Absolutely should not use unstable power sources, prone to fire, causing damage to the electrical equipment inside. Always ensure that the power source operates normally if the family does not have to use it via a power adapter (voltage stabilizer).

2. At operation

– Do not place the pan on the stove without anything inside as it heats up very quickly, which can easily damage pots and other kitchen appliances.

– On the kitchen surface, housewives should not place knives, plates, porcelain bowls, lid jars or brandishing metal pots because they conduct heat and heat up very quickly, causing unpredictable danger.

– Absolutely do not touch the kitchen surface during cooking or after cooking because the heat from the pot to the hands will cause burns.

– Limiting not to splash water and food on the stove because it can flow down the ventilation openings and penetrate inside will cause the electromagnetic circuits of the stove to be damaged.

– Should put the kitchen in the open space to avoid situations of fake kitchen alarms, the power automatically switches off because the surrounding environment has a higher temperature.

– Do not use the induction hob near electronic devices and other household appliances because they are susceptible to magnetic interference, leading to damage or interference to radios, televisions, radios within a radius of 3m.

– It is worth noting that for people with heart disease, absolutely should not stand near the electromagnetic stove because the phenomenon of magnetism can occur and adversely affect health when using a pacemaker.

– Absolutely do not place charcoal, electric stove near the electromagnetic stove because these stoves will also damage the magnetic equipment inside the electromagnetic stove.

3. At shutdown

– Comfortable cleaning the kitchen when food is dropped because the kitchen surface is made of porcelain or glass.

– Should keep out of reach of children

– Absolutely do not unplug unexpectedly, to turn off the power on the kitchen surface first. When a power failure occurs, you should reflect quickly, unplug the cord from the plug.

– The electromagnetic stove should be cleaned with a soft and damp cotton cloth; Do not use chemicals with strong detergent activity when cleaning directly. The bottom is a ventilation system, regular cleaning will ensure the best kitchen capacity during use.

4. Proper storage

– After a long time to use the kitchen, the kitchen should be cleaned, cleaned and packaged after use.

– Do not place the induction hob near the charcoal stove as it will damage internal magnetic devices.

– Although the usage and operation principles are simple, but when you have a problem, you should call to the manufacturer’s warranty center or bring an authorized dealer to solve the problem. right away. Do not open and repair the kitchen without permission.

Experience choosing to buy a desk at home

If you have no experience of buying a home desk, the following home buying option will help you keep up with the latest at home desk trend. The home desk is designed for home office spaces. However, if you do not know how to choose to buy a desk at home, then choosing the desired product is also not easy. Check out our home buying desk experience to catch up with the latest home desk trends.

Whether or not your family has a private office, a home desk is a popular option and is often combined in the bedroom or living room (for small apartments). Depending on the needs of your family, there are many models of home desks to choose from.

Determine the purpose of the desk at home

Before deciding to buy a product you need to identify your requirements with the table. You want a solid wooden desk, many applications with lots of drawers or a bookshelf or a simple modern iron desk, giving you the convenience to use it. on many purposes. The wooden desk can serve as a decorative shelf, with a more sophisticated design and less space to work. Determining your intended use will make it easier to choose the right home desk model for you.

Choose the design of your desk at home

You should carefully consider the size of the room you want to set a desk as well as the needs of your family. If your desk is primarily used, an office desk with large, U-shaped or L-shaped desks with spaces for computers, laptops, and documents will be the perfect choice for you. If your room is not too large for a large cheap office desk, a neat iron desk or a desk with bookshelves will be a reasonable choice.

Depending on your needs, each desk design style will fit. You should choose a home desk designed in harmony with other indoor furniture that will bring uniformity and unity to the overall space.

Material desk at home

If you need a durable, classic material, a wooden desk will provide total peace of mind. There are also many wooden desk products designed with modern designs, but still not losing the beauty of the old wood. In addition, with the modern trend in the design as well as using office desks as well as at home now, the iron desks are dominating. An iron office desk is designed not too fussy, focusing on the usability of the product. The table can be wooden or iron surface, painted beautifully, modern colors help you have more options for your home office space.

You can base on the need to store your documents to choose the best desktops. Most desktops today are equipped with a convenient document drawer or a portable compartment to help you more conveniently store documents or other utensils.

Choosing to buy a sofa for the living room

Living room is an important place in your house. Choosing for your family a sofa set appropriate to the room space is a top priority.

To get a satisfactory sofa set, suitable for the living room space, people often pay attention to issues: style, size and color of the chair. The harmonious combination of these elements in a sofa set will make your living room luxurious, a great pride when having friends come to visit or visit your house.

Sofa style

Sofa designs are the first consideration when you choose to buy a sofa set for your living room. Currently, sofas are very diverse in styles. You can freely choose a sofa set that best suits your living room space. The current trend of choosing sofas is largely toward modern-style chairs, new models launched in the interior market. Often these chair samples will be displayed in the most beautiful, most visible places in the showwroom.

Sofa size

Depending on the size of your room, you should choose a sofa with the appropriate size. It will be unimpressive if you buy a sofa size is too large in the small living room space. Conversely, if only a sofa is too small to fit in a large space will make your home space become empty. Wondering about the size when choosing to buy a sofa for the living room will be neutralized by the furniture store by changing the size of your request to have a sofa set that best suits your living room space.

With spacious area, open space, sofa set or L-shaped corner sofa with big and wide size. In smaller living room spaces such as apartment living rooms, small offices, small L-corner sofas are the best choice.

Sofa colors

To create a sense of harmony for your living room, the color of the sofa is also a point that needs attention. Mostly, when customers choose the color of a sofa for the living room, they rely on the color of the interior space of the house, from wall paint to brick background… according to the tone.

In addition, many people choose the color of a sofa according to feng shui, in accordance with the homeowner’s destiny to have much luck and success. Or simply, many people will choose the sofa according to the latest furniture trends. These colors will be displayed in the central areas of the showroom. Because the products on display in this area are the focal point of the manufacturer that wants to introduce to customers.

How to use water vacuum cleaner to clean wool carpet

Wool carpet has the advantage of beautiful design, diverse designs, soft, durable materials, good fire resistance, so it has been popularly used in modern life. And like other carpets, users need to clean wool carpets regularly, maybe by traditional washing or using a vacuum cleaner to absorb water.

The structure of wool yarn is capable of retaining dust particles, debris on the carpet surface so when vacuumed, the carpet will be cleaned quickly. However, when cleaning carpets with industrial vacuum cleaners, users also need to know how to clean properly so that they do not get ruffled or discolored.

Common problems when cleaning wool carpets The method of cleaning the carpet is decided based on the material that makes the carpet. The disadvantage of wool is that it is not suitable for most cleaning solutions available for washing synthetic carpets. Specifically, suitable carpet cleaners must not be too acidic or too alkaline because if the pH is too high can make the carpet discolored. The most perfect cleaning chemical for wool carpets is near neutral pH, such as some specialized chemicals: CH622 carpet cleaner, Hi Foam carpet cleaner.

Besides, wool carpets also take longer to dry than other carpets, so when drying, users should avoid too high temperatures as they can shrink the carpet. In addition, this carpet is also prone to color changes if exposed to direct sunlight so you should not expose the carpet to the sun. If your family, hotel or office is using wool carpets, you should clean 1-2 times per week. The rule to keep the carpet beautiful is to avoid spilling water, food or liquids on the carpet. If the carpet is contaminated with this dirt, users need to clean it immediately by using a vacuum cleaner or other safe hygiene methods.

Guide to using industrial vacuum cleaners to clean wool carpets

Dust and dirt on woolen carpets can be easily cleaned using a factory vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you should regularly vacuum the carpets to ensure the carpet surface is always clean and hygienic. A multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with a round brush head of super-soft bristle brushes can be used to vacuum the carpet, helping to remove soil and sand stuck on the wool surface. The benefit of this device is that it has a fast cleaning speed, without worrying about damaging or fraying carpet surfaces.

When using a vacuum cleaner to clean wool carpets, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

– Do not allow the dust container of the machine to be too full as this may affect the cleaning performance of the device. When vacuuming the carpets, you need to clean the dust filter and dust container immediately.

– Use a round brush accessory to vacuum the wool carpet, do not use a too hard suction table as it may cause carpet roughness. If you notice hair or pet hair on the carpet, remove it immediately before vacuuming so as not to clog the machine’s nozzle, hoses.

– If you are an office, a hotel with a large carpet area, it is best to buy a vacuum cleaner washing machine to ensure optimal cleaning performance and save time cleaning carpets.

Hopefully the shared information on how to use a vacuum cleaner to clean wool carpets will be helpful for you when you want to find an effective cleaning solution for this carpet.

Benefits obtained when using vacuum cleaner HiClean

Some users now believe that it is not really necessary to choose a factory vacuum cleaner from reputable brands such as HiClean, Supper Clean, because other brands’ products are cheaper. good job in cleaning. However, knowing the benefits of using HiClean vacuum cleaners, many users have completely changed this view.

The use of industrial water vacuum cleaner HiClean brand has outstanding advantages such as saving maintenance costs, repairing, improving hygiene efficiency, saving time and effort. The following are some of the benefits gained when using industrial sanitary equipment of this brand that users should refer.

High working efficiency, saves time and effort in hygiene The models of HiClean factory vacuum cleaners on the market today are equipped with super strong motor of Ametek – USA with quite high capacity, from 1200W – 3800W, for the ability to thoroughly and quickly collect all types of dust and garbage. dirty, sewage, chemicals, in housing space, office, factory. In addition, with a compact design, diverse nozzle, the device can weave into every position, nook and cranny to perform hygiene, giving high working efficiency, saving maximum time and effort. user’s. At the same time, thanks to the use of good quality dust filter bags, the HiClean industrial vacuum cleaner lines are capable of thoroughly collecting dust, pollen, pet hair, air allergens, from which contribute to protecting the health of family members or employees in offices and factories.

Does not affect people around because of low noise

Capacity is an important indicator for users to know how powerful the vacuum of industrial vacuums. And usually the high-powered models give quite a loud noise when operating. However, with HiClean’s versatile vacuum cleaner products, users will not be distracted because the machine operates smoothly, gently with low noise, not exceeding 70dB. Therefore, we can completely use the HiClean vacuum cleaner to clean the areas with high demands on quietness such as schools, offices, hotels,…

Save a lot of maintenance costs, repair because of high durability

One benefit of using a HiClean vacuum cleaner is that not all users know about the maximum savings on repair costs. The reason is because every model of the company such as the HiClean HC 30 vacuum cleaner, the HiClean HC 903 vacuum cleaner, the HiClean HC 80 vacuum cleaner, etc. are manufactured on modern technological lines using materials. durability as corrosion-resistant stainless steel and ABS plastic should be durable, less likely to be damaged after a period of use. Therefore, the units owning the equipment can save a lot of costs for repairing and troubleshooting the machine in the future.

With the above information, hope users have a better understanding of the benefits gained when using HiClean vacuum cleaners for their families and units.

How to store the vacuum cleaner when not in use

Vacuum cleaner is one of the indispensable equipment in factories, factories, hospitals, airports, supermarkets. However, for some reason, users may not be able to use the device anymore. The problem is how to preserve the vacuum cleaner for a long time unused?

Even if you have not used it for a while, you should have the basic knowledge to preserve your industrial vacuum cleaner so that when you use it again, it will still work well. Here are some notes to help store the vacuum cleaner even when not in use.

Maintain the cord for the vacuum cleaner Wires are one of the most important parts of vacuum cleaner accessories, so users need to take care of them. If the cord is damaged, it could cause a dangerous electric shock. The power cord is easily damaged after a period of not using it, such as being bitten by a mouse, being cut off by other objects. Therefore, if not in use, you should tidy up the power cord of the vacuum cleaner neatly and take safeguards. Before using again, you should carefully check the joints (if any) and the entire wire to ensure safety.

Clean the vacuum cleaner accessories

If you want to temporarily store the industrial vacuum cleaner for a while, you should clean all parts of the machine such as filters, dust bags, suction heads, to avoid these contaminants from damaging the device. your. Especially with the type of vacuum cleaner, this work is even more important because the accessories will be very susceptible to rust, damage due to liquid contaminants.

Some filters are disposable and you should replace them if you don’t use the vacuum for too long. Others are reusable, so just wash it with warm water mixed with a regular detergent to remove dirt and grime.

Operating vacuum cleaners occasionally

Although you intend to not use the machine for a long time, but if possible, you should also occasionally operate the machine. This is one of the best ways to preserve furniture in general, with vacuum cleaners in particular. It allows users to know what the problem is with the machine to get the best handling, as soon as possible, while helping the parts not to rust.