How to use water vacuum cleaner to clean wool carpet

Wool carpet has the advantage of beautiful design, diverse designs, soft, durable materials, good fire resistance, so it has been popularly used in modern life. And like other carpets, users need to clean wool carpets regularly, maybe by traditional washing or using a vacuum cleaner to absorb water.

The structure of wool yarn is capable of retaining dust particles, debris on the carpet surface so when vacuumed, the carpet will be cleaned quickly. However, when cleaning carpets with industrial vacuum cleaners, users also need to know how to clean properly so that they do not get ruffled or discolored.

Common problems when cleaning wool carpets The method of cleaning the carpet is decided based on the material that makes the carpet. The disadvantage of wool is that it is not suitable for most cleaning solutions available for washing synthetic carpets. Specifically, suitable carpet cleaners must not be too acidic or too alkaline because if the pH is too high can make the carpet discolored. The most perfect cleaning chemical for wool carpets is near neutral pH, such as some specialized chemicals: CH622 carpet cleaner, Hi Foam carpet cleaner.

Besides, wool carpets also take longer to dry than other carpets, so when drying, users should avoid too high temperatures as they can shrink the carpet. In addition, this carpet is also prone to color changes if exposed to direct sunlight so you should not expose the carpet to the sun. If your family, hotel or office is using wool carpets, you should clean 1-2 times per week. The rule to keep the carpet beautiful is to avoid spilling water, food or liquids on the carpet. If the carpet is contaminated with this dirt, users need to clean it immediately by using a vacuum cleaner or other safe hygiene methods.

Guide to using industrial vacuum cleaners to clean wool carpets

Dust and dirt on woolen carpets can be easily cleaned using a factory vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you should regularly vacuum the carpets to ensure the carpet surface is always clean and hygienic. A multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with a round brush head of super-soft bristle brushes can be used to vacuum the carpet, helping to remove soil and sand stuck on the wool surface. The benefit of this device is that it has a fast cleaning speed, without worrying about damaging or fraying carpet surfaces.

When using a vacuum cleaner to clean wool carpets, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

– Do not allow the dust container of the machine to be too full as this may affect the cleaning performance of the device. When vacuuming the carpets, you need to clean the dust filter and dust container immediately.

– Use a round brush accessory to vacuum the wool carpet, do not use a too hard suction table as it may cause carpet roughness. If you notice hair or pet hair on the carpet, remove it immediately before vacuuming so as not to clog the machine’s nozzle, hoses.

– If you are an office, a hotel with a large carpet area, it is best to buy a vacuum cleaner washing machine to ensure optimal cleaning performance and save time cleaning carpets.

Hopefully the shared information on how to use a vacuum cleaner to clean wool carpets will be helpful for you when you want to find an effective cleaning solution for this carpet.