Notes when choosing to buy an old television

Old TVs are still an option for consumers who aren’t ready to pay for a new device for their needs. Television technology is developing very strongly, which means that with just a little basic knowledge and understanding when choosing, consumers can choose to buy used products. . Here are a few notes when choosing to buy second-hand TVs.

1. Determine the demand for use

New TVs usually have a warranty period of 2 to 3 years depending on the manufacturer and the different types. It is best to look for TVs that are still under warranty. Consider before you buy an old TV the following:

– The price can pay is how much?

– Technology wants to experience?

– Where is the television set in the living space?

– How long will it last?

– Where do you buy it?

2. Identify the brand

Choosing reputable and famous brands will be very helpful in buying an old television. Reputable brands usually have higher quality warranties and support, and sometimes even with products that are out of warranty. In this case, customers will have to pay an additional fee to receive genuine service, which is also relatively worthy and assured. The determination of the trademark used also provides useful information about the device such as model, product model, applicable technologies, warranty period, and its policies.

3. Check on equipment appearance

Whether buying new or used products, consumers always need to carefully check the appearance of equipment. See if the old TV is distorted where the screen is, whether the screen has been scratched or broken, whether the stand parts, cases, and associated parts have any problems. Next is to check the screen surface is not scratched, yellowing. And if you’re technically proficient, see if there’s any electrical leakage. In addition, if the old TV shows signs of refreshing, it must be checked more closely because it has certainly been replaced with the original, non-original parts – resulting in the manufacturer’s refusal of warranty. when needed.

4. Check the picture light of the TV

With current types of TVs, broken screen lights are very common, one of the most common errors of LCD TVs. The cost of replacing a burned-out light bulb is very expensive, costing about 40-50% of the value of the television. This is the most important and valuable component of a television. Check the picture light by turning on the TV to see if it is up quickly. If turned on, the sound is already there and wait for about 5, 10 seconds for the new image to appear, sometimes slightly blurred, after a while, the definition will mean the tail of the TV is old, should not be bought. To try out the picture light, turn the TV on and off repeatedly. While the TV is active, put it in Mute mode and then put your ear to the TV casing to hear if there is an abnormal noise coming from behind the TV. If so, it is likely that the video light is broken.

5. Check the picture, sound and the ports connected

When checking the image quality of an old TV, pay attention to the following: the truthfulness of the color, brightness and viewing angle (which reflects the image quality of an LCD TV when changing the viewing angle from side to side view). According to the LCD manufacturing industry standard, it is still acceptable under 5 dead points. The color gradation of the television must be uniform.

Check the sound of the old TV with the test videos available in the machine, try to increase or decrease the volume of the TV suddenly to see if the sound is cracked or broken.

The connectors are usually located on the back or side of the screen. Depending on the type of TV, there will be different ports (HDMI, USB, antenna), even you should check the headphone jack, to avoid damage.

6. Check keys, remote control

These are the most basic control parts of a television and also need to be checked before making a purchase. Try pressing the keys found on the TV, usually the keys or touch keys. For remote controls, ask the old owner to install a new battery to check if the buttons and controls of the remote control are working properly.