Guide you to clean the kitchen properly

For every woman, the kitchen is a place that takes up a lot of your day. In particular, there are a lot of utensils so every time cleaning the kitchen makes you feel really tired. But not so that we neglect to clean it. The following article will guide the kitchen hygiene process in the most appropriate and simple way to help you distribute your work appropriately.

Clean the kitchen

1. Clean the kitchen surface

Use a sponge and soap, or you can invest in some specialized kitchen cleaning solutions to get rid of stains. When you use the kitchen, if grease is splashed on the surface of the kitchen table, you should clean it immediately because it is easy to stain if accumulated for a long time. If you don’t want to use chemical solutions to clean your kitchen, you can use natural cleaning products like vinegar or lemon. These materials are very close to us but the effect that it brings is also very good.

2. Remove the control knobs and wash them

Do not underestimate these controls, they contain a lot of bacteria. Wash them in the sink with warm water and soap. Note, you should avoid using soap with abrasives or ammonia in it. Because these components will wash out the symbols on the button.

3. Wipe the outside of the ventilation cover

Use a piece of soap to clean the ventilation cap. Rinse with a damp cloth, then wipe again with a dry cloth. Once a month, when you clean the kitchen, remove the ventilation filters and soak them in warm soapy water. Gently scrub to clean, then let them dry thoroughly before reinstalling.

If your product has stainless steel, it is recommended to use specialized cleaning solutions.

Clean the oven

If your family uses the oven regularly, cleaning is extremely necessary.

1. Clean the grill in the oven

Remove the nets from the oven, soak them in a sink with warm water and soap for a few hours. Anything covered with a mesh will be easier to clean. Use scouring tools to clean easily.

2. Make a habit of cleaning the oven when cleaning the kitchen

You should clean the oven every few months. An effective oven cleaning mixture is ¼ cup salt, ¾ cup baking soda, ¼ cup water. Cover any bare metal or paper holes so that they are not damaged by the mix. This mixture can also be used to clean anything when you clean the kitchen. Spread the mixture evenly in the oven and let it overnight. Then use a plastic spoon to remove the mixture. Wipe clean with a rag and install dry shelves.

Clean the fridge

1. Clean the freezer compartment

Step 1: First, unplug the refrigerator. Remove all food from your fridge.

Step 2: Mix the cleaning solution. Combine 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. Shaking helps dissolve the solution. If possible, you should put the solution in a spray bottle for easy cleaning.

Step 3: If you do not have a spray bottle, use a sponge or clean cloth to wipe the solution. Wipe all surfaces of the cabinet clean. Then dry again with a paper towel and plug in the power again. Each time you clean the kitchen, remember not to clean the freezer. No need to frequent but at least every 3 months

2. Clean the cool compartment

Step 1: Remove all food from the refrigerator. Sorted by each item. Throw away any food or articles that have expired or become damaged. If possible, do this before you go grocery shopping.

Step 2: Combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a liter of water. Dip a sponge into the solution, then wipe the entire side of the refrigerator. Make sure the stain is scrubbed clean. Wipe away all drawers and shelves.

Step 3: Wipe the solution with a damp cloth. Dip a clean rag in water and wash away any residue with baking soda solution. Use a clean towel to dry each surface dry.

Step 4: Leave a box of baking soda in the fridge. Opened baking soda box will absorb the smell to help your fridge smell better.

Clean kitchen cabinets

1. Arrange and clean kitchen cabinets

Whether they contain food or utensils, clean them every time you clean the kitchen. Throw away expired items and clean the cupboard with a wet cloth. If you don’t have stubborn stains, you don’t need to use soap to clean it.

2. Clean the front of your cabinet

Grease and oil may accumulate on the front of the cabinet. Wipe them with a wet cloth, then dry them to avoid discoloration. If you use wooden cabinets, consider a special cleaning solution.

3. Clean the kitchen table

You should do this every evening after you have finished cooking. Use sponge and soapy water to wipe. Wipe dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

You can also buy some cleaning solutions to clean antibacterial kitchen tables or disinfectant wipes.

If your counter is cleaned with granite, it’s easy to clean with water.