Attention when using handheld wireless vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners are increasingly popular because of their compact design, convenience and good vacuuming efficiency. Using a vacuum cleaner effectively is the desire of many people but not everyone knows. The following are notes when using the handheld vacuum cleaner for you.

Fully charge the battery before use

An extremely simple operation, but helps protect the battery life for handheld vacuum cleaners. That is to fully charge the battery before using the device.

Most of us have just started using the computer, often have the habit of using or testing the device right away. Factory default, the battery is only a small amount.

Therefore, charging right until the battery is full is an action to help protect the battery very well, especially the new handheld vacuum cleaners.

Do not leave the battery empty when not in use

Because of being too careful, some people will use a depleted handheld vacuum cleaner before charging it.

In fact, when charging handheld vacuum cleaners are capable of disconnecting when fully charged. Therefore, after use is complete, you can plug the charger directly to use next time.

Failure to charge when not in use causes the vacuum cleaner to be empty. Because when the vacuum is finished, the device needs charging to store more energy. If not charged, it will cause the battery to run out of power, if happened many times will lead to battery bottle.

Not every vacuum can absorb water

Most of the handheld vacuum cleaners available in Vietnam market today are dry vacuum products, these machines are only suitable for vacuuming dry, stains, not water absorption function. .

If users use these handheld vacuum cleaners to suck water, it will make the equipment, motors, filters in the machine easily damaged.

So, when using the housewives should note what kind of hand-held vacuum cleaner your home, has the function of absorbing both water and dry dust so that it cannot be used correctly.

Clean up the bottles and debris before smoking

One of the tips for using a portable vacuum cleaner is that you should clean the obstacles (bottles, large debris,…) to clear the passage while using the vacuum cleaner. .

Because when smoking strange, sharp objects, which are bigger than the nozzle, they can cause tube and dust bags of the machine to tear.

Other notes to note

– Clean the vacuum cleaner handheld periodically according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

– Check the machine settings (whether the nozzle is twisted, swirled, choose the nozzle suitable for suction position, properly installed,…) and the vacuum area before using the machine.

– Do not wipe the body with water containing chemicals, otherwise cracks will appear.

– Do not use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum objects such as glasses, kerosene and matches.

– Avoid handheld vacuum cleaners away from high temperatures.

– Do not use the machine continuously for a long time, so let the machine rest for about 15 minutes after 30-45 minutes vacuuming.

– Do not arbitrarily repair your machine if you are not a professional repairman

Other uses of handheld vacuum cleaners

Use a vacuum to search for small things

People can’t avoid losing something tiny on the floor and it’s hard to find it anywhere. You can then use the vacuum to find it. Before using this method, it is best to cover the sucking mouth with a gauze cloth and adjust the wind speed, and then the dropped object can be sucked into the cloth quickly.

Dehumidify, dry

Beside the work of air conditioners, some vacuum cleaners have Nano or HEPA filters or a combination of both filters that can absorb moisture and dry the air.

The structure of these filters is usually filters made of very small fibers, which help it block extremely small particles that vacuum cleaners often cannot hold. This could be pollen, fungal spores, smoke, animal hair, bacteria, or even allergens.

This feature is effective in the rainy season, helps reduce mold humidity as well as bring a cleaner atmosphere for your home.