Electrolux washing machine handling instructions blinking

If your home is having a washing machine blinking on the display screen, and the washing program cannot be completed, then your washing machine is definitely broken down. The problem now you should find out the cause and how to fix your washing machine to work your machine back to normal.

Due to the continuous development of technology and engineering, since then the washing machine products have been greatly improved by manufacturers, diversified in models, types and especially Electrolux washing machine products. Many new and more modern features including drying. Therefore, the washing machine is becoming more and more intelligent, when the peripheral equipment of the machine fails, immediately the display above will report an error (for washing machines with display screen). ).

Also, if you pay close attention, when your home washing machine is faulty, some LEDs on the control panel will blink. The machine error depends on the type of the LED blinking. Usually the Start / Pause lamp.

There are many reasons why your washing machine shows a red light error, does not work, cannot press start.


Red light error messages (on models with driers) are mostly due to the drying unit having a problem with the voltage, possibly because the incandescent of the dryer is out of power, causing electricity to follow the cool path to the table. circuit, causing control voltage problems, so the protection IC will notify the command center and will give a red light or not press Start. Also it may be because the door switch unit is not closed. Fix: Can be solved by replacing components, or replacing the main controller.