How to use and store induction hob properly

Induction hob is an indispensable device in the kitchen of modern families. Because of the neatness, aesthetics, cleanliness, safety and versatility, many housewives trust and choose to buy this unique product. The induction cooker is operated based on the principle of heating by induction of electromagnetic waves, so it does not spread the smell of smoke, is safe and prevents fire and explosion.

Although the operation is quite simple, but not all housewives have enough knowledge necessary to use the electromagnetic stove properly and lasting. Bosch kitchen would like to suggest the most economical and efficient ways to use electric cookers.

1. Power plug

– Suppliers always recommend that consumers use their own plugs and sockets, making sure to withstand the load of the electromagnetic stove capacity (most at 1800 – 2000W) with 0.75mm2 cross section.

– Make sure the plug has to withstand the capacity of the induction hob so it is really safe to use.

– Absolutely should not use unstable power sources, prone to fire, causing damage to the electrical equipment inside. Always ensure that the power source operates normally if the family does not have to use it via a power adapter (voltage stabilizer).

2. At operation

– Do not place the pan on the stove without anything inside as it heats up very quickly, which can easily damage pots and other kitchen appliances.

– On the kitchen surface, housewives should not place knives, plates, porcelain bowls, lid jars or brandishing metal pots because they conduct heat and heat up very quickly, causing unpredictable danger.

– Absolutely do not touch the kitchen surface during cooking or after cooking because the heat from the pot to the hands will cause burns.

– Limiting not to splash water and food on the stove because it can flow down the ventilation openings and penetrate inside will cause the electromagnetic circuits of the stove to be damaged.

– Should put the kitchen in the open space to avoid situations of fake kitchen alarms, the power automatically switches off because the surrounding environment has a higher temperature.

– Do not use the induction hob near electronic devices and other household appliances because they are susceptible to magnetic interference, leading to damage or interference to radios, televisions, radios within a radius of 3m.

– It is worth noting that for people with heart disease, absolutely should not stand near the electromagnetic stove because the phenomenon of magnetism can occur and adversely affect health when using a pacemaker.

– Absolutely do not place charcoal, electric stove near the electromagnetic stove because these stoves will also damage the magnetic equipment inside the electromagnetic stove.

3. At shutdown

– Comfortable cleaning the kitchen when food is dropped because the kitchen surface is made of porcelain or glass.

– Should keep out of reach of children

– Absolutely do not unplug unexpectedly, to turn off the power on the kitchen surface first. When a power failure occurs, you should reflect quickly, unplug the cord from the plug.

– The electromagnetic stove should be cleaned with a soft and damp cotton cloth; Do not use chemicals with strong detergent activity when cleaning directly. The bottom is a ventilation system, regular cleaning will ensure the best kitchen capacity during use.

4. Proper storage

– After a long time to use the kitchen, the kitchen should be cleaned, cleaned and packaged after use.

– Do not place the induction hob near the charcoal stove as it will damage internal magnetic devices.

– Although the usage and operation principles are simple, but when you have a problem, you should call to the manufacturer’s warranty center or bring an authorized dealer to solve the problem. right away. Do not open and repair the kitchen without permission.