How many types of vacuum cleaners are there today?

Whether you are a model office worker or a caring family housewife, you will need to distinguish this to optimize your life. Does the vacuum cleaner you choose fit your purpose?

Automatic vacuum cleaner cleans the floor

Have you come across a lovely cat sitting on a small, pretty machine moving on the floor?

This is a vacuum cleaner often used for apartments with flat floor designs, without too much furniture. Comfort and save high effort.

Thanks to modern technology, the robot vacuum has a path sensor, prevents collisions or falls on stairs, installs vacuums, cleans floors automatically when you’re away from home, and especially finds its own charging location when the battery runs out of battery. .

Some models have remote control applications like Robot Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux PI91-5SSM 36W will help us easily control. Vacuum robot will cost more than other types of vacuum because of its convenience.

Vacuum cleaners clean carpets, stairs and small nooks and crannies

If you’ve ever owned a bulky industrial vacuum, you’ll understand how difficult it is to move the machine to clean the dirt off the terribly exhausting stairs.

Vacuum cleaners today are designed according to the trend of compact, convenient, the more popular, such as box vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum box compact and easy to move, weighing from 2-3kg you can lift and move gently. The capacity of the box vacuum cleaner is moderate, you can be assured when cleaning carpets without worrying about broken, or not clean dust.

Handheld vacuum cleaners can diverse diverse nozzle. Small, flat tips to clean even the smallest nooks and crannies.

Vacuum clean good for sanitary pillows, sofa

Pillow, sofa is the place where your family can relax after a long day of studying and working. Everything must be clean, fresh to be good, right?

First, we need to recognize the problem when cleaning the bedding, sofa lies in hair loss and pet hair. Fine filaments easily cause clogging when aspirated. At the same time, the compact vacuum will fit this hygienic purpose.

A lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaner, powered by a rechargeable battery, with a suction mechanism inward, a transparent dust container to observe the amount of trash, or a dust bag will be a complete machine to solve the above requirement.

Vacuum cleaners good for cleaning cars

To own a luxury car and to keep your car clean, you must have spent a lot of mind and effort?

Vacuum cleaners for cars with strong suction power, cleaning many surfaces, small corners, glass edges, including seat covers, rugged handheld design, convenient and fast Quickly leaving you with a clean car space.