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THE Women’s Reform Network (WRN) has stepped up its efforts to have more female representation in local government by petitioning Parliament to influence the implementation of the Constitutional provisions on the quota system.

WRN has requested Parliament to ensure that women’s proportional representation quota in local authorities conforms to Constitutional provisions, as well as regional and international standards.

In their petition dated September 23, 2021 WRN said they want Parliament to review Zimbabwe’s legal framework and align it with the provisions of the Constitution as it relates to 50/50 gender equality in elected and appointed positions.

“We are acquainted of the shortcomings and adverse impact on women’s decision-making and political participation brought about by lack of alignment of laws with the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” reads part of the petition.

Government has however indicated that it is already working on initiatives to improve women representation in local authorities.

Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo recently told a Women in Local Authorities Symposium that Government would be passing a law to create a 30 percent women’s proportional representation quota in all local authorities outside of the already existing 1 958 wards.

Minister Moyo said the proposed amendment will see an additional 587 women-only seats across all the country’s local authorities to add to the 1 958 seats.

“We believe that any intervention must firstly be informed by the Constitutional provisions of sections 17, 56 and 80, which expressly envisages and demand a legal framework which we at all levels in Zimbabwe,’’ Minister Moyo said.

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